How does a live chat software increase lead generation of a Website?

We all might have seen that petite window that keeps popping up from beneath a web page with different messages like “Need assistance”; “can I help you with something” etc. Have you ever wondered what this is and why it pops up offering assistance? This particular window is known as the “live chat software”; however some call it, “help desk software”. Software’s like these are self-explanatory and does what the name signifies. They provide a real-time assistance to a particular buyer on a shopping web page, to a client on a business web page and to a customer visiting an online portal.

How does Live chat software work?

This particular application can be embedded into a web page using many open-source or paid API’s (Application programming Index) available on the WWW. It basically comprises of two significant parts:

  • A pop-up window or a text box on a particular web page
  • An operator on the other side of the chat window to respond instantly

The entire system is implemented by using a scripting language known as the “JavaScript”. Once implemented, JavaScript code makes use of the cookies to track user movement on a web page. Chats can be classified as:

  1. Pro-active chat – The text box pop-ups on its own and displays a message to a visitor. Once displayed it’s entirely up to the visitor to respond.
  2. Broadcast- This chat is initiated by the visitor.

A few applications are written in low-level languages like C++ and distributed as a finished and a compiled product that must be installed on the server. Some may be written in languages like PHP, which can then be modified as desired. These applications also require databases to display the introductory messages or greetings and for that most of them use a Microsoft SQL Server or a MySQL engine.

Various perks of using live chat software:

Looking through the user’s perspective, this kind of software is of real help and comes in handy when a customer/client/user is left stranded on a web page. It brings assorted benefits for both, customer as well as the owner.

  • Real-time assistance
  • Effortless installation without any coding tweaks
  • Instant aid that helps surge sales
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique services like browser extensions, mobile friendly, drag and drop for file uploads, chat archive, online user tracking and many more.
  • User need not install any kind of software on his machine.
  • Advanced communication capabilities like true Voice over IP (VoIP), remote form filling application sharing and remote view.

How does Live chat App help increase business?

The primary purpose of this software is to provide instant help to the users through live chats on a particular web page. For instance, on an online shopping site, if a customer has queries regarding a particular product or needs some more information, then he/she can use this live chat application instantly connect with customer support and get all queries resolved, hence closing a deal/ sale then and there. Such a software not only helps one to offer assistance instantly, but has a major edge over telephonic assistance as chat application is available 24 by 7. The spontaneity of this software can inflate sales of an online business by closing deals upfront. Being cost efficient it fits in every budget, hence no outsourcing is needed, no hassle of form filling. As the delay in response can result in the loss of a potential clientele or drop down of prospective sale.

To serve your customers with world class assistance it’s better to mount live chat software before the customers move onto another web page.

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