Travel agency and tourist operators

Transport is an important for any traveller, weather traveling for pleasure or business. There are many modes of transportation and also there are plenty of agents playing in the market. There is a huge completion in any modes starting from short distance travels using cars, buses and trains and also international flights.

The travellers are always busy and they do have very less time to fix up their transport plan. They do not want to visit the travel agents office anymore to do this and also, they will always find an alternative phone number to call when one number is busy. There are plenty of options to book tickets and local transport online. One can book a flight ticket and pick up taxies with few mouse clicks while doing other tasks.

Benefits of Integrating live chat software in Travel agent’s web site

Offer related and pertinent information

Help the customer save money and time

Increase sales and customer base

High customer retention

Increase repetitive orders

Cut the expense , Improve service and support