How does a live chat software increase lead generation of a Website?

We all might have seen that petite window that keeps popping up from beneath a web page with different messages like “Need assistance”; “can I help you with something” etc. Have you ever wondered what this is and why it pops up offering assistance? This particular window is known as the “live chat software”; however […]

live chat software and it’s countless wonders

In this day and age with technological advancements by the score, customers are kings and queens with big demands. Most of us would like to shop online, but when customers do think of shopping online, apart from saving their time and money, they look for answers to many queries. Most e-commerce sites therefore have opted […]

Hello How May I Help- Live Chat Software a Boon Customer Relationship

Live chat software is a range in this day and age, amongst businesses big and small online. As a customer is visiting a site to shop and buy something, you need to feel safe doing so, knowing that reliable hands are behind it all. When you have a site that interacts with you as you […]